The goal of gardening class, also known as Odyssey Orchards, is to provide all students at Odyssey Charter School with a dynamic edible schoolyard and nature-based learning experience.

Odyssey Orchards is a 1 acre school garden and fruit orchard, where students learn how to care for the earth, grow healthy food, develop hands-on skills, and integrate their learning in a whole-systems context. Our garden program integrates the following curricular approaches into fully engaged learning experiences:

ECOLOGICAL: Learn through, with and from nature
HANDS-ON: Learn by doing and engaging the senses.
INTERDISCIPLINARY: Learn within and across disciplines.
EXPLORATORY: Learn by playing and exploring.

You can find, follow, and like Odyssey Orchards on Facebook and Instagram @odyssey_wildcats #odysseyorchards.


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Over the past five years, we have transformed about a half-acre of land into a thriving edible schoolyard and dynamic outdoor classroom. Odyssey Orchards provides a hands-on, nature-based learning environment for all 480 students in grades K-8 at Odyssey Charter School.


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